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Zeff Furnishing Traditional Shaggy Rug (White, Microfiber, 26 X 42 Inches)

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Color: WHITE


  • Extra thick 2-inch pile height provides luxurious sink-in comfort
  • Size now available in colour
  • Plush, cozy, versatile designer shag style allows for endless decorating options
  • Power-loomed with soft, thick, polypropylene fibers to ensure a durable, long-lasting, and virtually non-shedding rug
  • Crafting rugs of the highest quality with unmatched style

Details: Shaggy rugs have become synonymous culture and fashion. Despite falling out of favor with homeowners for several decades, they're now experiencing resurgence, and appearing in more and more homes throughout the nation. Shag is back. But let's be honest: it never really left. It's unique, starts conversations, and ultimately is very comfortable. Material: Polypropylene, Suitable for: All Rooms They are the perfect rug, especially if you liked the 70's. The necessary maintenance can be a pain, but it's essential if you want it to remain a feast for the eyes as opposed to an eyesore. With a bevy of traditional and contemporary styles, shag rugs are back and here to stay. Like any household items, shag carpets require occasional cleaning. However, they do possess the dubious distinction of being arguably the most difficult rugs to maintain due to their mass of fibers. It's recommended to clean your shag carpet twice a week with a suction-only vacuum, which will help prevent dirt build-up and ensure it retains its natural coloring. Grooming rakes are handy tools when it comes to shagging maintenance Product Care: Vacuum rugs regularly to remove dirt and excess fiber -Use a suction type vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush attachment to prevent damage If loose strands occur, trim with scissors, do not pull We recommend use of a rug grip on all floor surface Blot wet spills with an absorbent tissue, do not rub Clean with mild carpet shampoo or consult a professional carpet cleaner for a deep clean Avoid direct sunshine as it may cause

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.9 x 2.0 inches