Meditating Buddha Idols For Home Decor - Home Decor Lo
Meditating Buddha Idols For Home Decor - Home Decor Lo
Meditating Buddha Idols For Home Decor - Home Decor Lo
Meditating Buddha Idols For Home Decor - Home Decor Lo
Meditating Buddha Idols For Home Decor - Home Decor Lo

Meditating Buddha Idols For Home Decor

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Brand: StatueStudio

Color: Antique Finish


  • Product Code: 460584; Size (L x W x H): 7" x 5 " x 11"; Color: Black; Material: Polyresin; Package Contents: 1 Buddha Idol; Weight: 1 kg
  • Usage: Add a new dimension to your outdoor/indoor/home/office/garden space with this buddha statue. Brighten up any of your home decor with this carved buddha figurine. It can be placed on tabletop. This buddha statue is great for your prayer, sacred pooja and meditation room to spread the divine love.
  • Positive Impact: Buddha sculpture is a perfect home office feng shui vastu religious spiritual decorative accent. The magnificent form of this buddha idol creates a peacefulness, harmony and spiritual ambience filled with positive energy around us.
  • Gifting Option: This buddha statue serves as an ideal option for spiritual lucky gift, fengshui gift, thanksgiving gift, anniversary gift, easter gift, birthday gift, wedding gift,christmas gift,valentine gift,diwali gift, corporate gift.
  • Pls beware from copy product & ensure buying authentic product. This is exclusive inhouse design & product of brand "Statuestudio" and "Covered by intellectual property rights laws". 'statuestudio' doesn't authorize any other brand/seller to sell it and we won't be responsible if any counterfeit or substandard product sent by any other seller because we develop these products with only one aim to achieve highest possible quality that stays with you and enlighten your surroundings forever.



Perfect Home Decor Buddha statue Waiting To Enhance Your House.

This beautiful Meditating Buddha showpiece figurine from StatueStudio is a wonderful gifting option for your best friend on her housewarming party. Ideal to keep in your puja room or living room in a showcase, this showpiece of Buddha in a meditating posture is made from polyresin and is handcrafted by skilled artisans using conventional techniques.

Everyone wants perfect peace of mind that's free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other afflictive states. Buddha has always been a great symbol of peace. So, what could be a better gift or a better option to bring home than the idol of Buddha. The Buddha idol polyresin and has been designed beautifully. This statue has been enthusiastically handcrafted and coloured by skilled artisans from the house of StatueStudio using various conventional techniques.

One way to enhance your home or commercial property is to decorate. It is not just the beautiful plants and stones that make up a good landscape. Only the statues help in creating an attractive outdoor as well as indoor space.

Enhance your home, garden and office with this Statuestudio vintage buddha statue. This gautama buddha idol with divine look that can blend into any natural settings or indoors to accent a wonderful home decor.

The practice of buddha is a very powerful method for healing ourself and others and to overcome the inner sickness of attachment, hatred & ignorance.

Spruce up your home, garden or patio with this traditional buddha statue. This statue features buddha in meditation and all the five fingers of the right hand are reaching to touch the ground or in the blessing positing bestowing good luck and blessings, symbolizing the enlightenment of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree.