Incrizma Glass Flower Vase (Transparent_26 Cm) - Home Decor Lo
Incrizma Glass Flower Vase (Transparent_26 Cm) - Home Decor Lo
Incrizma Glass Flower Vase (Transparent_26 Cm) - Home Decor Lo
Incrizma Glass Flower Vase (Transparent_26 Cm) - Home Decor Lo

Incrizma Glass Flower Vase (Transparent_26 Cm)

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Brand: Incrizma

Color: Transparent


  • Incrizma clear glass flower vase is handcrafted to perfection and is made of crystal clear glass to maximize content visibility. Each vase features thick glass walls and weighted base to ensure durability. Imported.
  • These classic heart glass vases also referred to as flower containers are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. From home decorators, to event planners, everyone makes use of a good quality basic glass vase. It will enhance any romantic event when filled with roses, even restaurant tables when filled with candles, or any party when filled with lights and vase fillers.
  • Clear glass vases are very popular with fresh flower arrangements as well as silk or dried floral designs. But it is also commonly used as candle holders, storage containers (in modern offices), aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pourri containers, and centerpieces
  • Can be filled with your favorite flowers such as, Roses, Baby Breaths, Tulips, Orchids, Branches, or with vase fillers like pearls, gems, pebbles, water beads, and even candles.

Details: Decorate your home or special event, or surprised your loved one on Valentines Day with this clear glass Heart shaped flower vase by Incrizma. This lovely heart vase can also be used as a candle holder for pillar candles. The cool part is that it is shaped like a heart so you can actually get a double message across when presenting "red roses" in a "heart" vase. Surprise the man or woman of your life with this unique "gift from your heart"! t is guaranteed to be loved! This beautiful vase is hand crafted of high quality glass to create an attractive piece of glassware. When used as a vase it can be filled with flowers plus enhance it with gems or lights to create an even brighter centerpiece. Or, it can be used as a candle holder with floating candles or pillar candles.

EAN: 8901627011481

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 5.5 x 5.1 inches