Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel - Home Decor Lo
Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel - Home Decor Lo
Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel - Home Decor Lo
Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel - Home Decor Lo
Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel - Home Decor Lo
Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel - Home Decor Lo

Heelium Bamboo Bath & Swim Towel

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Woven with a blend of High-Quality Bamboo & Cotton and designed for great user experience, it will efficiently meet all your needs.

1. Amazing absorption keeps the towel dry at all times, ready for a second use.
2. Bamboo's natural anti-odor properties help in keeping that foul smell away.
3. Its plush and fluffy feel ensure they make a perfect wrap when you step out after a hot shower. Its dimensions make sure that you are covered completely.
4. Light and convenient which means you can carry it with you to your swimming pool.
5. Helpful for folks with sensitive skin.
6. Perfect for sports such as: Tennis, Swimming, Squash, Football, Basketball.


Bamboo Towels are composed of natural anti-bacterial bamboo fibers which drastically reduce odour. Using Bamboo in a towel promotes our green initiative, which makes this towel an environmentally friendly product.


  • PERFECT SIZE: They measure 140 cm x 70 cm. Quantity: 2 Pieces. The 600 GSM weight and double ply construction combined with a continuous double lock stitch make them thicker and stronger than other towels
  • EXTRA SOFT: Transform your Hotel and Spa bathroom into an oasis of comfort. Bamboo fiber is known for its softness. Cotton is blended with Bamboo, making these towels the ultimate choice with softness, luxury and warmth. Our bamboo towels are 2-3 times softer than other towels
  • QUICK ABSORBENT: Designed to be extra absorbent and fast drying, our silky smooth bamboo towels will be your favourite after a bath or shower. In fact, they are known for absorb up to 3-4 times as much water as regular cotton towels due to its internal hollow fiber structure
  • SKIN PROTECTION and ANTI ODOUR: Blending Bamboo and Cotton adds natural antimicrobial qualities, making our towels hygienically for sensitive skin and allergies. Because of these properties, they resist fungus, even in humid environments. Hygienically ideal, our towels are skillfully crafted for daily use. Odour control through natural anti-bacterial property of bamboo even after multiple days of use

Publisher: Heelium

Details: Premium Bamboo Towels by Heelium - Experience the goodness of Bamboo fiber at your home.
We have perfected the combination of softness and strength in a towel.

To list a few, the problems that a person might face with towels today are:
1. Bad towel absorption results in an everlasting wetness of the towel.
2. With sweat comes various types of bacteria, which is the reason for foul smelling towels.
3. Inappropriate size of towels makes wiping of sweat or water from different parts of the body difficult.
4. Towels only serving one purpose.
5. Rough Towels causing skin irritation.


Brand: Heelium

Color: Multi Combo 2 (Grey, Teal)

Package Dimensions: 15.4 x 10.2 x 7.0 inches