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Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor, Black

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Brand: Wonderchef

Color: Black


  • Unique dual-speed manual food processor
  • Two gear settings: first gear for power, fourth gear for speed
  • Super-sharp stainless steel blades for easy cutting, slicing, chopping and mincing
  • Four settings in slicer-dicer disk for versatile use
  • Whipper for mixing dough and beating eggs
  • Colour: Black, Material: Plastic with stainless steel blades
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Food Processor, 1-Piece Chopping Blade, 1-Piece Whip Blade, 1-Piece Slicing Platform3

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Release Date: 01-01-2017


Efficient Manual Food Processor for Your Cooking Needs: To ease your chopping, slicing, mincing, shredding or cutting duties in the kitchen, the Wonderchef 60001500 Turbo Dual Speed food processor is the perfect tool for these requirements. Featuring a one-of-a-kind dual speed design, this manual food processor can chop vegetables, slice fruits, mince meat, mix dough and do a variety of other tasks with relative ease and minimal effort. The first gear setting is ideal for chopping through hard vegetables as it generates more power, while the fourth one is ideal for shredding as it enables a faster action.

Multifunctional Blades for Versatile Use: Featuring a sharp chopping blade, a slicing platform with julienne blades and a whip blade, the Wonderchef 60001500 Turbo Dual Speed food processor can be used to cut, slice, shred or chop a wide variety of vegetables and fruits for sabzi preparation, fruit salads, vegetable salads, desserts and more. Mincing meat is also possible with this processor, using which you can prepare tasty dishes for your entire family. Furthermore, using the whipper, you can mix dough for rotis or beat eggs for omelettes for an easy solution to your cooking needs.

High Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Durability: Made from high-impact moulded polycarbonate plastic and sturdy stainless steel, the Wonderchef 60001500 Turbo Dual Speed food processor will last for a long time even with regular use. Featuring high precision and ultra-sharp steel blades, performing slicing, shredding, chopping and other tasks is a breeze with this food processor. It features a plastic plunge to help you achieve best results and also for safety purposes. This design helps you get consistent results every single time, making cooking an absolute pleasure.