Lamps That Give You The Feeling Of Happiness At Your Home

Good lighting can add charm and character to every room! Lighting is a fundamental part of the decoration. The type of lamps that you include in your home and the light they emit will also affect your mood. It is not the same to relax at night on the sofa under the diffuse light of a beautiful table lamp than under the blinding light of seven spotlights on the ceiling. The lamp not only decorates but is placed in the right place to give the necessary light. Lamps have a direct effect on your decoration not only because of their design but also because of the place where you place them and the type of light they emit, so, first of all, it is important to get full knowledge about this.

Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know. Let's see types and their uses.

Types Of Lamps And Their Uses

1. Floor Lamps


Floor Lamp


Floor lamps are elements that can bring a lot of warmth to our home. Floor lamps are perhaps the ideal complement for areas such as the living room, or a bedroom (where we can also place small lamps on the bedside table). They can totally modify an environment. These kinds of laps provide ambient lighting. 

The ambient light is softer and serves to give a warmer and more relaxed atmosphere to your decoration. It is diffuse lighting that creates a darker atmosphere than the general one. This is the ideal light to relax after dinner.

Types of Floor Lamps

  • Drum-type screen Lamp - These screens have a top and bottom opening. These are the classic lamps from before, which create a warm and uniform ambient light throughout the room.
  • Japanese-style lampshade - These are usually made of paper or woven from silk and linen. They usually cover the entire foot and have a very handmade style.
  • Cone type shade - These have a wider base and direct light downward. They have a rustic look.
  • Lamps with flexible heads - These types of products are perfect for placing in corners and projecting the light in the direction we want. They do not have a screen, but rather a head that can be easily moved. This type of lamp is recommended to be at a height of 150 cm. They are ultra-modern!
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Hanging Lamp

2. Table Lamps

The table lamp is a variation of conventional lamps; they are usually smaller and much more practical; they are mostly used on bedside tables and can be quite helpful for those who enjoy a good read. These lights are also known for Functional or spotlighting. 

Types of Table Lamps

  • Multilaser USB LED lightMultilaser luminaire is cost-effective. The model features LED light, USB power, and a sleek, modern design at a price below the market average.
  • Crystal lampDespite the higher cost, the diffused UNI luminaire offers a refined product, glass and zinc support, pleated polyester dome and a harmonious white tone.
  • Articulated lightWith the classic Anglepoise design, the Eurolume luminaire has a full articulation, reaching various angles and heights, limited to 45 cm.
  • Startec LightThe Prince line is quite charming, combining the black base with the white inside the dome and the metallic tones of the stem.
  • Quality ceramic lampshadeThe screen quality value may be high, but it is justified. Starting with the base, all made of ceramic, in a beige tone makes the model quite versatile.

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3. Hanging Lamps

The Hanging Lamps/ pendant lamps are decorative and lighting objects that give a glamorous and unique style to the areas where they are placed. They are attached to the ceiling and hang at different heights depending on the length of the lamp. Its function and the main advantage is that like any other lamp it illuminates a space that is usually open, but they can be used to give general lighting (to the entire room) or ambient lighting (it is usually placed on tables).

3 best kinds of Hanging Lamps

  • Pendant LampPendant lamp with an industrial finish made of oiled bronze. Give a casual style with a rustic appeal to the spaces of your home. Its retro style shows in every detail, even in its braided cord. Its interior is designed in a bronze color that stands out to the eye.
  • Globe Electric pendant lamp: This kind of Pendant lamp with the bronze finish is an industrial style in a modern finish ideal to decorate any room. 
  • Black Bell LampPendant lamp, adjustable and easy to install, that has 1 meter of cable to be able to place it at the desired height. It is made of black metal with a modern, resistant bell-shaped finish.
Cube Shape Lamp
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4. Diwali Lights

One of the least complex delights of Diwali is to illuminate diyas at night. To me, this one custom is the thoughtful space in the middle of the surge of getting ready desserts or meeting the more distant family. Normally, I generally need my lights to be bounty and in an assortment of plans. This Diwali, settle on the correct decision with your lights and light up your home in the most exquisite way. Find beautiful decorative lamps for this Diwali from Home Decor Lo.

Diwali Light

Little more Crucial Information about lights

When you buy bulbs you will see that on the packaging it indicates what type of light it emits. When choosing your bulbs (it seems like a joke but in decoration it is important) keep in mind:

  • The intensity of the light: Do you need a very bright light or a soft and relaxing light is better for you?
  • The environment you want to create: Warm light is ideal for cozy and warm environments, cool light are best for work environments.

Types Of Light According To Color

Not only the design of the lamp or the way it emits light will affect the decoration but also the color of the light itself.

  • Warm light: Light in yellow tones: It is my favourite type of light because yellow brings a lot of warmth and creates cozy environments.
  • Cold light: Bluish white light: Personally, I don't like to use this type of light anywhere in my house because it seems like an operating room.
  • Neutral light: Halfway between the previous two: Many people like this type of light in bathrooms and kitchens because of its intensity and because it gives them a clean feeling. 
Modern Hanging Lamp

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