Four Colour Schemes For Your Home and Handpicked 5 Best Wall Decor Items

The selection of paint colour combinations for your walls is one of the most difficult decisions to make when designing a new room. People are becoming more aware of their design choices as a result of social media and easy access to international décor trends. The average Indian youth, who have been rendered more stylish than ever, is one demographic that has been greatly influenced by global home decor trends. This is especially evident in their choice of wall paints, which range from minimalistic to completely eccentric. Many people are attempting to re-paint their rooms to make them look like they belong in an interior design magazine.Great care should be taken to ensure that these paint combinations remain fashionable until the next time you repaint.

Here are a few of the best wall colour combinations to help you create a trendy room to get you started with our handpicked 5 best wall decor items.

Orange & Courtyard Green Home

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Green colour, in general, is known to improve a room's harmony and peace by subconsciously emulating natural world vibrations within the interiors. It is the best colour combination for a living room when combined with Orange, as the latter tends to keep you alert while also being associated with warmth, stability, and comfort. These green walls will add a splash of a forest experience to your living room if you don't have the space for gardening at home. To be more specific, you could feel like you're sipping a tender coconut in Bali while still at home if you use this best colour combination for your living room.

Yellow and Royal Blue Home

Yellow and Royal Blue Home

Everyone is unique, which means that everyone sees and interprets the world differently. So why not go for a colour scheme that celebrates the power of individuality by using colours like Royal Blue and light yellow to express it? When you paint your bedroom yellow, which represents the sun, it will give you a sense of warmth and spread lightheartedness and a cheerful atmosphere. The royal blue is also a one-of-a-kind colour that represents beauty and elegance. It adds a touch of class to your space and can help you achieve a classic look. When combined with floral patterns and gray-toned decors, you can create a striking and powerful pop of colour!

Coral and Pale Cardamom Home

Coral and Pale Cardamom Home

It's time to take a break from digital existence and armchair activism. Today's youth are all about fighting for the right causes, actively participating in environmental renovation, and taking simple steps to make the world a better place by living self-sufficiently. In your home, a combination like coral and cardamom denotes just that. It's worth noting that coral is one of the colours that contributes to the room's comfort and has a calming effect. Using coral and cardamom in your bedroom will create a unique colour palette that is both sophisticated and fun. Adding a wall accent is a simple way to create a focal point.These colours will provide a unique level of comfort for a more restful night's sleep.


Millennial Pink and Lilac Home

Millennial Pink and Lilac Home

Innocensuality is a new term that is gaining a lot of traction in social media and pop culture, and it simply means making things sensual without intending to. The Insta-Lolitas, with their innocence bottled up in a bottle of sensuality, are sweeping the digital and non-digital worlds. So, if this appeals to you, why not try recreating overtly loud erotic expressions in the form of wall paint, replacing them with intellectualism and creativity?


Pink has been millennials' favourite colour for a while, and for all the right reasons. You can make your room look effortlessly glamorous by mixing pink with a light lilac. To create a unique décor style, mix and match different shades of pink ranging from dark pink to fuchsia to baby pink. This is an unexpectedly sophisticated perfect blend of soft pink and lilac that stays lively on the wall while remaining fairly neutral in tone, creating the ideal ambiance for your space.

This light lilac has a soothing and opulent feel to it. So go ahead and experiment with these colour combinations to see what you can come up with while honing your millennial vibes.


Hope you have liked this guide and finally will able to select the best color combination and accent for your Home Decore. Don't forget to decorate your walls 5 beautiful wall decor items available on Amazon and listed by Home Decor Lo

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4. Beautiful Leaf Round Wall Mirror

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5. 3 Floors Wall Mounted Wall Shelves

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