8 Tips and Tricks To Decorate Your Home With Lamps!

Give The Warmth To Your Home Environment With The Beautiful Lights Of The Lamps with 8 Decor Tips

Lighting plans ought to be made by the format of your home. Lights are perhaps the most ideal choice accessible in the market to give an exemplary appeal to your home. Here are 8 tips and tricks to decorate your home with lamps and Lights

1. Plan Where You Want The Points Of Light

Plan Where You Want The Points Of Light

In decoration, prior planning is very important and lighting is no exception. Whether you are going to decorate a room from scratch or if you are thinking of giving a new look to your decoration, it will be very useful to plan how you are going to place your lamps

What are you going to use the room for? Think about all the activities that are going to take place in that room and think about the light you would need for each one of them.

Make a list of the type of lighting needed for each room (normally you use two or three types of lighting in each room) and the corresponding lamps. For example, in a bedroom you may need a general light that illuminates the entire space, ambient lighting to create an atmosphere of relaxation before getting into bed and perhaps also functional light for reading or to illuminate the inside of the closet.

2. Place The Lamps On Different Levels

Place The Lamps On Different Levels

Do not put all the lamps at the same height. Play with the vertical space to get the most out of your decoration and place different lamps at different heights.

Light can visually transform space. For example, placing ceiling light that shine towards the ceiling makes the room appear larger and placing ceiling lamps that hang low makes the ceilings appear higher.

Ceiling Lights

3. Choose The Lamps That Make Your Life Easier

Choose The Lamps That Make Your Life Easier

Are you going to put a desk where you work? You will need a flexo or a lamp that illuminates the table well so that you can work comfortably. Are you going to receive guests? It will be great for you to place several lamps around the space that give a diffuse and pleasant light for a relaxed chat.

Choose the type of lighting that will be most useful to you and that fulfils the functions you need. Normally, several tasks are carried out in each room so it is normal to combine different types of lamps in a single room.

4. Choose Lamps That Decorate Day And Night

Choose Lamps That Decorate Day And Night

A lamp color can be very beautiful when turned off but give a terrible or inadequate light for your decoration and vice versa. Types of bulbs for lamp

5. Different Lamps Emit Different Types Of Light

Different Lamps Emit Different Types Of Light

Keep in mind that the material and shape of the lamp determines the type of light it emits. A fabric shade lets light pass in all directions, but an opaque shade emits light only in one direction.

For example, an industrial-style metal lamp can be your style and fit like a glove in your decor, but keep in mind that the light it emits will be quite focused downward. A shade of the same style but made of glass emits light in all directions, illuminating the entire room. Also if you decor your home or nook with festive light or decorative light it will create different mood.

Festive Lights


6. Distribute The Lighting Throughout The Space

Distribute The Lighting Throughout The Space

Do not leave dark holes and other over-illuminated ones, distribute the different types of lamps throughout the room, highlighting their strengths.

For example, if you have a sideboard with a mirror presiding over the living-dining room, don't let it lose its prominence at nightfall. Place a couple of sconces on both sides of the mirror for a formal and elegant look, or a maxi lamp on the sideboard for a more informal and relaxed style.

Wall Decor

7. A Single Lamp Can Cover Two Functions


A Single Lamp Can Cover Two Functions

In small spaces it is very useful to have elements that cover two functions (a sofa-bed, a table with storage, etc.), and lighting is no exception.

If you have to put a desk to work in the living room, for example, you can use a table lamp instead of a flexo. That way you will have functional light to work but also ambient light that will give a pleasant atmosphere to relax on the sofa.

8. Combine Different Lamps ... But With Moderation

Combine Different Lamps ... But With Moderation

I'm a very, very fan of eclecticism. I really like to decorate with lamps of different styles, taste is in the mix! But mix does not mean chaos. Try to have consistency between the different rooms of the house, repeating styles and finishes.

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