8 Best Hanging Chairs and Swings For Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Stylishly draped from the ceiling of your living room or a beam on your porch, hanging chairs are the perfect way to invite peace into a hectic day or add a bit of coziness to your backyard. 

Not sure if you have enough space to hang a chair?

No problem! You can still enjoy the bliss of these swaying seats with an elegant self-standing design. Not only have we made sure to include unique designs in our collection, but we've also embraced something for every style and budget. Whether you crave a Bohemian-style round hanging chair for the bedroom and garden or a modish hanging lounger for the patio, we've got you covered!

1. Relax in Limited Space with a Carry Bird Wicker Rattan Hanging Egg Chair Swing

 Relax in Limited Space with a Carry Bird Wicker Rattan Hanging Egg Chair Swing

Perhaps your garden or terrace doesn’t have a large tree to suspend a hanging chair from but doesn't worry because these chairs come complete with their stands. Use weatherproof cushions to add comfort to your garden and let them lure you and your guests. 

This outdoor hanging swing stand chair for adults will give your favorite reading spot an urban look. This all-weather synthetic wicker with a powder-coated iron frame will transform your outdoor patio. The heavy-duty antique bronze finish swing can support a weight of up to 110 kg. This swing chair will add a touch of elegance to your garden or living room. In any weather, enjoy the outdoors with this simple patio decor.

2. Egg Chairs: A furniture trend that never goes out of style.


The Egg chair is an impressive example of a style that remains timeless. Its beautiful profile helps in encapsulating your tiredness of the day and the perfect shape is a relaxing sight all by itself. So, get this amazing chair and snuggle up like a cocoon. 

This beautiful Carry Bird hanging swing comes complete with a stand and cushion, ensuring that you have everything you need to sit back and relax. The garden swing comes in a variety of colors and is made of wrought iron with a hook spring for hanging the stand. Enjoy your garden with this easy-to-manage swing chair with a stand, which is stylish enough to complement any home or outdoor decor.

3. Macrame Hanging Swing Chair

Macrame Hanging Swing Chair

The ceiling chairs with woven backs could be suspended from the high ceiling to contribute some dynamism to the space. Have them in your living space and let them cast a spell on anyone near them. 

Makes a sweet snuggle swing to hang outside and enjoy nature, rest under the sunset, relax poolside, or lounge on the deck, and can be used as a light cradle and swing reading chair or relaxing meditation chair.

4. Single Seater Swing Chair - Light as a Lace

Single Seater Swing Chair - Light as a Lace

To give an uncluttered and a light feel, have this suspended in a corner of your room or a balcony. It helps you to steal some personal time with its charisma and delicacy.

This chair has a lovely teardrop shape that encases you in its cozy structure, allowing you to relax in maximum comfort. This chair is finished with an intricate weave design that adds a modern touch to your space. This basket should be placed at least 4.5 feet away from the walls and no more than 20 inches above the ground. A minimum clearance of 30 inches from any obstacles should also be maintained.

The handcrafted hanging swing chair has an elegant and vintage style, as well as being sturdy and long-lasting. It's full of artistic flavor and cultural taste, and it transports people back to their childhood joys. As a bracket, this hanging chair is made of high-strength iron material, which greatly improves the hanging chair's stability.

5. 2-Person Hanging Wicker Porch Swing Chair


A Contemporary beauty of Wicker

The material gives a feel of being in touch with the roots thus having a natural beauty to it. The mere sight of it gives a feeling of lightness, peace, and warmth; something that every person desired at the end of a hard and long day.  

6. Swing Hammock Chair


In case you have a small or crowded living room, then we get you! Hop in for a hanging chair that has an open weave. The more open the chair is, the more visual space you feel. 

When you swing the normal swing forward and down, it provides a more relaxing and enjoyable seating experience. This hammock has a person seating area that is ideal for reading a book or sipping tea while watching the rains while relaxing in the soft swings.

Up to one person can be supported by the heavy metal frame. Load capacity of the swing frame is up to 120 kg. On the swing, there is high-quality wicker and rattan weaving. Easy-to-clean.

The frame is made of iron and the weaving is done with wicker wire. The best design for swinging contours to your body and is considered the most comfortable.

7. Double Swing Chair Basket - Experiment with Shapes

. Double Swing Chair Basket - Experiment with Shapes

Try to flee from the conventional forms of the hanging chairs and go in for varied shapes and bodies. This lounge chair will make a stylish seating option both indoors and outdoors. It successfully captures the eye, and the hearts, of your guests.

2 person chairs are the current trend because they allow you to sit like a king and instantly transport you to vacation mode.

It's a great way to add some colour to your patio, backyard, porch, or poolside decor.

The seat of this outdoor patio swing chair is woven with luxurious synthetic rattan and features a sturdy powder-coated Iron frame, making it a stylish and supportive place to rest.

With an inviting wicker patio swing, you can escape to peaceful serenity in your own backyard. Make your outdoor space more functional with a modern hanging chair that's perfect for unwinding.

8. Hangit Cotton Swing Chair

Hangit Cotton Swing Chair

This trendy hammock chair swing is the perfect addition to your room, patio, or garden. It features a casual-retro touch. This chair is great for any season; you'll be swinging in style from almost any location you desire!

Patio Swing Chair in Cotton Fabric for One Person. Cotton fabric, cotton ropes, and glossy finished hardwood spreader bars are used. This low-cost hammock is lightweight and easy to transport and store. It can be mounted on any type of ceiling, including wood and cement. It can support a total weight of no less than 250 pounds and is designed for single-person use. 

This Organic Cotton Patio Swing Chair is perfect for big kids, girls, home indoor bedrooms, and even the beach.

So these are some specially chosen collections of Hanging chairs and swings & if you want to see more, browse through our fine sets of swing chairs at Home Decor Lo and select one to savor those well-deserved lazy hours.

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