11 Ganesha Statue For This Ganesh Chaturthi That Makes Everyone Love It

Lord Ganesha or Ganpati is one of the Indian gods most worshipped. Lord Ganesha is also known as the god of knowledge, luck, and as we all know that without Lord Ganesha any worship in Indian culture is incomplete. We will first of all thank Lord Ganesha for his blessing. So in every home, a Ganesha statue is a must.

Here are 11 Ganesha statues for your home. Let us help guide you with the different choices of the best Ganesha Statue for your home.

Brass Lord Ganesha Idol

Brass Lord Ganesha Idol

A finely made brass Idol. Bring it home and seek the Lord's divine blessings. It is made from brass, with a highly polished look. Make sure that you will fill your life with happiness and success if you give it to your loved ones or if you own one for yourself. You will feel the happiness in your life.

Lord Ganesha Statue Sitting on A Chair and Reading Ramayan

Brass 3D Moving Lord Ganesha Statue Sitting on A Chair and Reading Ramayan

This beautiful and adorable Lord Ganesha sitting on a chair & reading Ramayan show you how important reading is in your daily life. By adding books in your daily routine you will see the difference in your life.

Ganesha Idol for Decor & Gift

Ganesha Idol for Decor & Gift

This Lord Ganesh idol is a fine showpiece for your home and office furnishings. Lord Ganesha stands for joy and happiness indicative of giving wealth and good luck.

Gold Plated Ganesh Idol For Car & Home

Gold Plated Ganesh Idol

You may place this Lovely golden little Ganesha in your house, office & car & always feel Lord Ganesha 's blessing. This is the perfect gift for those you love.

Colorful Ganesha Murti

Ganesha Idol Sculpture Statue Figurine Ganesh Murti

This colorful Ganesha murti with a big head shows that in every way of life everyone has to think big & be positive because for a reason all has happened. The best present for your loved ones is this Ganesha murti.

Baby Ganesha Idol Statue

Baby Ganpati Idol

This pleasant, standing baby Ganesha statue full of color is perfect for your home. Ganesha playing Bansuri / Flute shows you can sense a shift in your mood by listening to or playing good music. You can sense the calmness in your life through this statue.

Ganesha Idol with Tealight Candle

Gold Plated Ganesha Idol with Tealight Candle

This beautiful white Ganesha statue with a tealight candle shows how the darkness can be defied by a single candle. This statue of Ganesha is best for your Home Decor , or to give to your loved ones.

Two Moustaches Brass Wall Hanging Ganesha

Brass Ganesha Wall Hanging Deepak with Bells

This two moustaches brass Ganesha is particularly good & these big ears show you can expand your experience by listening to more. For somebody's house party, this is the perfect present.

Silver Plated Terracotta Ganesh Idol Statue

Gold Art India Silver Plated Terracotta Ganesh Idol (White)

This complete white Ganesha statue with a large stomach shows that you can peacefully digest all good or bad things in life. By this Ganesha Statue, you can feel the positivity in your life.

Brass Dancing Ganesha Idol

Brass Dancing Ganesha Idol | Home Decor

This statue of Dancing Brass Ganesha is so gorgeous. This Ganesha Statue shows that one of the best ways to forget about every single tension in your life is to enjoy every single moment in your life whether it's good or bad & dance. Also known as the best exercise is dancing. You can give this statue of Ganesha to your loved ones, who love to dance.

PanchMukhi Ganesha Idol Statue

Decorative Gold Plated Panch Mukhi Ganesh Idol Statue

This Panchmukhi Ganesha can be placed at your home office you will see the wonderful change in your work. This is ideal for your own house or a great gift for those you love.

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